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KVA-ASM00 Kriss Vector Ambi Sling Mount Black

Ambidextrous sling mount for the KRISS Vector.

Installation instructions:
Loosen the castle nut* on the buffer tube.
Carefully loosen the two 1.5mm set screws.
Unthread buffer tube from upper housing.
Place sling mount onto threaded end of buffer tube.
Reinstall buffer tube.
Carefully tighten the two set screws. Do not overtighten.
Tighten castle nut to secure sling mount and buffer tube.

MSRP $14.95
Our Price: $13.50
Savings: $1.45
KVA-SABL00 Kriss Vector M4 Stock Adapter Black

The KRISS Vector M4 Stock Adaptor opens up a new realm of possibilities to customize your KRISS GEN I or GEN II Vector. In place of the traditional Vector Stock, this threaded adaptor piece will accept any commercial or MILSPEC buffer tube for the addition of any stock of your preference. Buffer tube and pivot pin is not included.

This is only used with the Gen 1 and Gen 2 Vector with the integrated hinge mount as seen here.

It is not used with the Gen 2-2017 Vector as the M4 Stock Adaptor is integrated into the upper housing.

MSRP $59.99
Our Price: $50.95
Savings: $9.04
KVA-FSBL00 Kriss Vector Folding Stock Kit Black

The redesigned hinged KRISS Vector Folding Stock is compatible with both the GEN I and GEN II KRISS Vector (pre-2017) bodies and now features a metal sling loop below the body. The folding stock aids with the storage and transport of your KRISS Vector by reducing the overall length by approximately 9.5" when folded. Includes one pivot pin as pictured.

MSRP $89.99
Our Price: $77.95
Savings: $12.04
KVA-FSBL30 Kriss Vector Ambi Folding Stock Gen 2 2017 Black

The KRISS Vector Ambidextrous Folding Stock is designed for the Vector GEN II 2017. The stock is constructed of steel, aluminum, and advanced polymer composites. The KRISS Vector Ambidextrous Folding Stock secures to the upper receiver with a push button hinge that will fold to the right, this hinge can also be configured to fold to the left. The stock features two QD sling swivel mounts on the left and right side, as well as a sling loop towards the rear. In addition to folding, this stock is also telescopic, adjusting to three positions.

This item is classified as a stock and will convert a Vector SDP (pistol) into a Short Barreled Rifle. It is your responsibility to maintain a compliant firearm.

This stock is only compatible with the KRISS Vector GEN II 2017 Upper Receiver. For Pre-2017 KRISS Vector models, please see the KRISS Vector Folding Stock Assembly.

Position 1 8.5" / 216mm
Position 2 9.5" / 241mm
Position 3 10.5" / 266mm

MSRP $199.99
Our Price: $197.95
Savings: $2.04